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Alewife area aerial views   [5 pictures]
Alewife area aerial views (2002 and 2003)
Showing Alewife Reservation and Little Pond subwatershed.
Public and private ownership in Belmont and Cambridge.
Vegetation, woodlands, wetlands, pond, river, streams, and vernal pool.
Belmont, Arlington areas under preservation laws near Little Pond.

Main image collection
Photographs in and around Alewife Reservation
including activities, flora, fauna, ponds, and concepts for the future of Alewife Reservation.

Photographs by: Mike Arnott, Boston Cares, David Brown, Ralph Chang, Montgomery Watson Harza, Ellen Mass, Suzie Watson, and others.

Main image collection - Activities   [33 pictures]
Activities — Celebrations and cleanups in and for the Alewife Reservation
Includes photos by Suzie Watson

Main image collection - Aerial views   [4 pictures]
Silver Maple Forest — Aerial views with and without architect's rendering of building.

Main image collection - Fauna   [62 pictures]
Fauna (mammals, birds, reptiles) and related photos in and around Alewife Reservation
including photos by David Brown

Main image collection - Flora and Water   [39 pictures]
Flora and Water — plants and trees, river and pond

Main image collection - Mural   [13 pictures]
Alewife MBTA mural of Alewife Reservation — art and activities

Main image collection - Urban wild model   [10 pictures]
Urban wild model — for restoration, access, and observation in the Alewife Reservation.

North Trail 2006   [43 pictures]
North Trail Maintenance Improvement Project — Photos taken March 2006
Improved Pathway for conservationists, hikers, birders and class rooms, fishermen.
Partners: Student Conservation Americorps, Department of Conservation and Recreation, Friends of Alewife Reservation.

Sarah Leon paintings   [4 pictures]
Silver Maples In the Urban Wild — paintings by Sarah Leon

Summer 2004   [10 pictures]
Summer 2004 Alewife Reservation photos: Unseen and Unknown Areas and Wildlife in the Alewife Reservation
— Spectacular photos by Michael Arnott, FAR Steering Board, AMC naturalist

Urban wilds 2005   [67 pictures]
Urban Wilds Past-Present-Future — The Alewife Reservation''s wildlife, wetlands, meadows, and woodlands.
A Friends of Alewife Reservation presentation by Michael Arnott. Byline photographs by Michael Arnott.
Co-sponsored by Friends of Alewife Reservation, Belmont and Arlington Land Trusts.

Walk 2006   [15 pictures]
Walk January 7, 2006 — photos by Janet Malenfant