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(and proposed soccer-field site)


Eight acres of silver maple forest, rich in wildlife, thickly canopied with one great 17 foot circumference red oak tree and other 100 year old trees are planned for decimation. Millions of unseen natural life forms will die or lose their habitat. The lowland silver maple forest is rare tree cover in the state of Massachusetts. Such cover does not exist in an 8-10 mile radius of Boston's Beacon Hill, according to Peter Alden, wildlife biologist for Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. According to Alden, of the over 300 Mass. communities, none have this unique heavy canopied silver maple forest.

There is also concern about use of land for a soccer field.


Overview of forests + proposed soccer field
(large image)
Silver maple forests
(large image)

Above images of forest + proposed soccer field and silver maple forests (medium images)