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Future of the Alewife Reservation Essay Contest winner
Sumit Barua
August 10, 2012

Friends of Alewife Reservation is an greatest environmental organization in the whole New England. It is situated on North Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ecology is a great science subjects for all age groups of human beings. Without having any plants, animals, insects & pollinators in reservation, we wouldn't have existence in the whole universe. This reservation is under the property of Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Reservation.

Friends of Alewife Reservation have different types of animals. Such as- Beavers, Coyote, Grey & Red Foxes, Turkey, Deer's. They are protecting the environment of New England which might be called as biodiversity. Animals are playing very important roles by changing climate of the urban forest and weather. We all human beings have to acknowledge that animals and birds should keep safe them while people can't shipwreck the assets of reservation or urban forest. Because they changing the climate, weather and biodiversity for all humans. Without them people wouldn't had any resistance on earth also they protecting us. From now and then global warming is one of the major threats on global world. If human beings are trying to havoc all animals, the global warming will be started on the whole universe also it will be very avenge situation in over the forest. We always try to protect animals from shipwrecking people because if anything happens in the urban forest, the whole ecosystem will be disrupted as ruined. For the future of Alewife Reservation, we all humans need to be protective otherwise it will be hurt our global life and biodiversity.

Pollinators, insects are playing a very significant portion in our environmental life. They are the main aspects of life science also for humans. For example, without them we all human could eat neither fruits nor different plants. During the time of 18th century, monarch butterflies, damselflies, bees, wasps started to came on the Alewife Brook Reservation. Some of them were best foods for American Indians or Algonquin people. They kept all pollinators, insects for protecting the environment for New England areas also made a botanical garden in the state of Massachusetts. In essence of protecting the environmental issues on New England, the pollinators & insects are in dilemma of saving their life from some bad human being. Because in our daily life, we can see all insects are annihilating by pesticides. This is not good work for environmental issues. Pesticides may hurt weeds as well as important plants. Before destroying all insects & pollinators people should think about the future of urban forest again, knowledgeable of bio-environmental ethical issues.

Storm water, wetlands & Swales are important projects for Friends of Alewife Reservation. These three projects are still ongoing constructed by different real estate industry. They are trying to put forth on this huge project of urban forest. People are supposed to find another avenue of support for urban forest and environmental ethics also prevent the situation of different construction society. Because wetlands are helping us from bad weather and natural calamities. The etymology of wetlands, swales are made by nature or manmade. The construction workers of several real estate agencies had successful by making some pipelines above and underneath the water which may pour storm water from natural calamities or weather. It is great projects by processing from bioengineering agency such as- Pfizer are working for water of the "City of Cambridge" by treating the aqua from different gutter, dirty ponds also various wetlands as well. Bio-engineers are purifying the water of various wetlands from Friends of Alewife Reservation and supplying us as city basis system. The aqua is always going to all around aquatic places named as "Fresh Pond" or "Blair Pond". Although these places will help us from individual epidemic diseases which may be spread out from one area to another areas of the city. So, we need to be over careful by saving among wetlands, storm water, swales also human, plants, pollinators and insects from the worse people of different real estate authorities. Thus we can save this for our own future and environment from the pollutions of gases.

In the conclusion, the organization called as "Friends of Alewife Reservation" is an non-profit ecological industries of the State in Massachusetts. Everyone in the scientific society needs to be careful for any worse situation arises, we need to be step up and awake to save our ecosystem( insects, pollinators, animals) and ecology( storm water, wetlands, swales) from global warming. By all means, everyone has to be control the environment of New England from global warming; the Friends of Alewife Reservation will be great places for recreation of families and workplaces in the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Finally, if global warming is stopped the whole universe shall be a better place to live.

Essay Writer Name: Sumit Barua
Organization: (Friends of Alewife Reservation)
Position: Environmental Camper
Date: August 10th, 2012