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2012 FAR Cambridge Ecology Camp Begins
July 5, 2012

Megan Carras of Arlington teaches youth about pollinators at the Alewife Reservation native garden by the circular Alewife MBTA garage.

The sixth annual FAR Summer Ecology camp has begun. Mohit Holmesheoran, formerly of the Heifer International project will attempt "to expand the capacity of campers to view the varied environmental world at Alewife Reservation that contains many mammals such as deer, mink, fox, coyote and over 90 species of birds." "Co-existence of humans with the natural world is essential for our future survival and we want the youth to understand this." Campers will experience many earth science disciplines and will go to a CSA farm in Waltham, Deer Island, a canoe ride, and Harvard Museum. They will work closely with the Mayor's program, and will work in the Friends of Alewife Reservation's prepared native garden, property of the DCR. They will enjoy activities in the Alewife Reservation with macro-invertebrate and water quality testing." "Campers will collect and study plants, both New England natives in the garden, and those on the Reservation."

Specialist in biology and wetland ecology, Alan Downy-Wall states his intention to teach movement of ground water, nutrient cycles, and identification of selected Alewife plants." I will teach the youth how to appreciate nature within the context of the extraordinary Alewife Reservation and as a rare urban wild. I am pleased to be a staff member this sumer with the Friends of Alewife Reservation to have this opportunity after my return from the Florida Everglades"

Megan Carras, after returning from a stint in Costa Rica on a butterfly farm also has background in environmental policy and sustainability. She will direct youth " to study pollination and conservation ecology." "The FAR ecology camp will use a newly constructed community garden at the Alewife T station to teach nectar plants, pollinators interactions, and garden ecology. We will experience the Alewife Reservation as a resource to observe this fascinating ecology." I am excited about this unusual and cutting edge camp which gives urban youth the opportunity to experience, learn about and enjoy a rare public area of Belmont, Cambridge and Arlington.