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Embrace the Spirit of the Forest
Share in the silver maple Ingathering and Encirclement
May 12, 2012 at the Alewife forest

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May is Massachusetts Rivers and Wetlands Month

Embrace the Spirit of the Forest
Share in the silver maple Ingathering and Encirclement

Friends of Alewife Reservation
Earth Drum Council

Public forested floodplain land in the western Boston corridor at Alewife is a great ally in the struggle to preserve our homes. Watershed functions retard flood waters and protect against the diminishment of earth's bird, mammal, plant, insect and amphibian biodiversity.

New Englanders are gifted at Alewife via the creation origins of our earth for natural resources bounty. 130 acres of urban wild create a center for wildlife and for floodplain absorption, which, for centuries, since the glacial era, created livable and protective watershed benefits of tributary sources: ponds, rivers, streams, floodways, active aquifers, ground waters; and wetlands, marshes, bog, fen and vernal areas.

Beaver build their homes, deer reside there with large turtles, otter, fox, coyote and mink. Our birds are black crowned night heron, great blues, endangered yellow breasted chat, observed two years ago, and 90 bird species, 40 of which nest there. In 2010, an endangered Bottle Gentian was found and registered.

We Ingather at 1:00 pm, Saturday, May 12th, Mother's Day week-end, to honor and bless the forested Belmont and Cambridge wetlands encircling the one and a half linear mile North Trail, and by speaking our own scientific and spiritual truths to one another and to the sacred resources from which we too derive our life spirits. Welcome with blessings to all who come to share our oneness with the natural universe at Alewife on May 12.

  • Parking at the public Alewife Reservation Lot
  • 1:00 Ingathering in the meadows of Alewife Reservation
  • Encirclement of the forest
  • Bring your instruments to join with Earth Drum Council

No cell phones, photographs, or aggressive behavior.
All who come, share in peace, harmony and respect for the land, water, wildlife and good clean air in the region.

Ellen Mass
Friends of Alewife Reservation
Cell: 617 290-4864
Office: 617 415-1884
186 Alewife Brook Parkway #304
Cambridge, MA. 02138