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Groundbreaking for Alewife Native Perennial Garden
April 11, 2012

FAR members and professional city and state representatives watched this morning at the Alewife Reservation Entry Garden across the T stop when a DCR backhoe dug up the approximately 92x37x75x35 feet of both healthy native soil and heavy gravel soil, soon to be removed, which marks the area that Friends of Alewife Reservation and various groups and agencies have designated for native plants, grasses and trees. We invite interested perennial gardeners to sign up for preparing, planting and maintaining the area for healthy growth, beauty and for good pollination conditions from insects.

Our first effort to present our garden will be in early May when we will have a presentation about perennial native plants and maintenance. We will be inviting all of you to attend and to be a part of this lovely garden entry, which will mirror the native resources of New England and of our rare urban wild.

Participate and enjoy a beautiful project with us:
Ground-breaking photo:
left to top right:
Ellen Coppinger, City DPW
Stephen Gillies, community gardener;
Larry Callanan, DCR;
William Ackerly, Cambridge resident, naturalist
Sara Carrier, landscape architect
Ellen Mass, Friends of Alewife Reservation
Samantha Smith, FAR Intern- Lesley University