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FEMA floodway encroaches on fire-road at the least
Idith Haber (November 10, 2011)

Attached is a file composed of 3 images:
1) The latest site map showing the buildings and surrounding fire road
2) the same portion of a map showing the floodway (blue) and what I believe is the 100-year flood plain. The "floodway", I believe, in this case represents the swelling of Little Pond during rain events.

I used the contours of the property lines and municipal borders to line up.
The contours for the "arc" portion of the property were a bit different between the two maps.
The overlap at nine o'clock appears to be there, at least in the fire-road, as I had suspected.

My understanding of FEMA regulations is that any encroachment into the floodway by a development which would require "filling" means they have to have a no-rise certification by a professional engineering, or they have to change their plans. The developer's plans show an 1/8 inch rise during a 24-hour storm of the floodway. I will have to look into these regulations again.

3 maps