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O'Neill Properties gets international exposure
added to website May 17, 2011

This link ( ) and the text below concerns the mouth of Hudson River and Raritan River in N.J. and O'Neill contamination suits.

This firm is a pending partner on the Mystic River watershed with Belmont, Arlington and Cambridge on our rare and needed floodplain.

Floodplain threatened.

Signed, a concerned citizen

Forum flooding Video available for free:
1 hour 35 minutes and 43 seconds.
professional video company with 6 watershed speakers and 10 sponsors of the FORUM April 28 in Belmont.

Call: 617 415-1884 if you have the ability and desire to show it to your constituencies.
Please state that in your request.

Bay Keepers, River Keepers, Edison Wetlands Association Continue to Fight O'Neill Properties in Philadelphia Courtroom
Edison Wetlands Association, River Keepers and Bay Keepers of New Jersey are continuing their law suit against O'Neill Properties, National Lead and other municipal and state partners for polluting the Raritan Bay of New Jersey, a most strategic watershed area at the mouth of the Hudson River as it empties into the ocean south of New York City and Long Island. IT is clearly a landmark case which is before Third District Court in Philadelphia, and the plaintiffs are optimistic that their case which allows a citizen's appeal will be re-heard after having the case thrown out of a federal court in 2010. The same dismissal of testimony and refusal to examine the record of these noted regional environmental organizations also resulted in Massachusetts where environmental attorney Thomas Bracken pleaded a case for the Winn Brook Coalition and Friends of Alewife Reservation arguing for wildlife conservation and storm water flooding prevention in 2009 in front of Mass. DEP Adjudicatory Hearings. The testimony and key witnesses and motions were omitted from the final record but were verbally heard, although the tapes of the proceedings disappeared for 10 months.

The N.J. case may be deliberated from 3 months to 2 years. According to Robert Spiegel, Executive Director of the Edison Wetlands Assoc. who is highly confident that the full record will be examined. The US-EPA has now declared the Raritan Bay area a Super Fund slag site, but the EWA is not including the Slag issue in its law suit against the same partners with O'Neill for some reason. IT behooves the eastern seaboard environmental protectors, including those of us in New England, to continue to communicate progress and concerns of each respective case to one another. We are working with the same developer, and some of the same environmental abuse issues, and we should be aware of what we are getting into, with whom, and understand the difficulties of getting our conservation cases heard and properly examined. We are not alone, and that is for sure. We are with the best of company along the Eastern seaboard.

Hearts go out to those who have deeply suffered from the extreme toxic exposure in New Jersey and for the contamination of one of New Jersey's finest Bays. Fortunately, the Alewife region has not yet been confronted with this level of toxic impact from development, but our efforts to prevent this possibility have been primarily thwarted at the municipal and state levels in Massachusetts.

In the meantime, O'Neill is trying to build 2000 homes on a radioactive toxic waste site on the old National Lead Site in Sayerville N.J. with high risk factors emanating from the site, way beyond levels permissible, say the environmental groups . Spiegel and the watershed groups are trying hard to bring more attention to the waste site test results and are working hard with many local groups to bring O'Neill Properties to an objective courtroom.

There is no proof yet as to the guilty parties, but one can read the reports and make sensible deductions


River Keepers, Bay Keepers and Edison Wetlands work closely with US-EPA and are rarely questioned as to their accurate assessments of contamination and environmental abuse.

Spiegel feels that the LSRP (License Site Remediation Professional i.e. remediation with oversight) has to be enforced and has asked for information in Massachusetts to note whether the program is successful.

LSRP is new in New Jersey.