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City Council orders city departments to consider a denial for permits.

October 25, 2010

WHEREAS: The City Council has passed numerous orders noting the natural resource values of the Silver Maple Forest and its surroundings between Belmont, Arlington and Cambridge and has requested the Cambridge City Manager do what he can to protect this forest; and

WHEREAS: Nearly three acres of the Silver Maple Forest is in Cambridge as a small river floodplain forest, wildlife refuge and climate adaptation area for the City as well as the town; and

WHEREAS: The Belmont Conservation Commission and Citizen Interveners from Belmont and Cambridge have submitted an appeal for a Superior Court Hearing soon in order to appeal the April 2010 DEP decision and to note the functions and vital characteristics of the area for the protection of the regional citizenry; now therefore be it

ORDERED: That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to communicate to the Department of Public Works the City's desire to have City departments reasonably consider denying any permits that the developer may request or require from the City until all legal proceedings surrounding the Silver Maple Forest and its floodplain functions put forth by the Belmont Conservation Commission and their interveners are legally resolved.