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Volunteers Cut North Trail Pathway of one mile for Summer Ecology Campers
Tessa Sanchez
FAR Ecology Camp staff
added to website June 21, 2010

Yesterday was a success. The whole North Trail has been cleared and the campers will have no problem traversing it. We split up into 3 groups, staggering throughout the trail, and cleared the trail about five feet wide. All of the volunteers were incredibly enthusiastic and hard workers even though it was a sweltering hot day. We broke for lunch around 12:30 and ate together in the shade. When everyone was eating Charlie gave a little talk about the Silver Maple Forest. There was a lot of interest and the volunteers seemed concerned. Charlie asked if they would like to go see it and everyone was interested. Charlie was a wonderful spokesperson/advocate for the Reservation and FAR yesterday. I myself learned a lot of information from him that I was not aware of before and I'll be glad to pass on my new knowledge to the campers. We ended the day around 1:30 pm. We passed around an email sign-up list, brochures, and encouraged the volunteers to come back and visit the reservation. My only feedback for next years clean up would be to provide different tools. The cutters were not the most efficient and some of the volunteers complained. Shears would be better. A rep from Millennium told us to contact them about a possible donation for new tools for next year.