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Easy Process to Dismantle Protections for Entire Species
Audubon researches grounds for complaints
Excerpted from full article by Maureen Turner, Valley Advocate - November 26, 2009 at:

Fighting for Habitat
TV22 manager Bill Pepin lines up local legislators to weaken the state's endangered species protections.

As legislation goes, the bill is remarkably concise, just 31 words added to an existing law: "The director [of the Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife] shall not impose any project review or permit requirement upon any land unless such land is located within an area which has been duly designated as a significant habitat."

. . .

The Mass. Audubon Society calls the bill "the most egregious attack on our Endangered Species Act" that the organization has ever seen. Sixty-seven other environmental groups around the state agree, signing on to a letter urging the Legislature to vote down the bill, contending it would "effectively gut" the endangered species law, "one of the most important and effective environmental laws in the commonwealth."

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