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Candidates Show Interest in Alewife Wild
Tour by Dave Brown
November 1, 2009

Green Decade Co-hosted City Council candidates with Friends of Alewife Reservation Sunday, guided by naturalist and assessor for the Reservation, David Brown. FAR has published a book of noted mammal, bird, insect and plant inventories from Brown’s work. Candidates Silvia Glick, Neal Leavitt, Charles Marquardt, Sam Seidel, Tom Stohlmanm Minka VanBeuzekom, all took campaign time to learn about this precious resource: the largest untouched urban wild in the Boston area. John Reinhardt, President of the Mystic River Watershed Association also attended.

Brilliant leaves covered the ground this Sunday morning, but visitors viewed numerous signs of coyote, fox and otter, rare in urban areas such as Cambridge. Fox compete by putting scat next to that of otter or coyote. Over 10 coyote signs were seen.

Dave Brown locates coyote scat for candidates.
Left to right: Steve Gillies, Ellen Mass, Minka Van Beuzekom. Charles Marquand, front, and Neil Leavitt, back right, candidates
Looking at Coyote prints:

Elected officials should go beyond resolutions, we hosts say, and dedicate themselves to providing on the ground protection of the silver maple forest and general public areas which are threatened with development. Because of high real estate values at Alewife, becoming a recognized player in planning requires many supporters. As global warming advances, these rare areas become the only refuge for regional wildlife and for extensive floodplain functioning to protect citizens.

A rarely sighted Yellow Breasted Chat at Alewife was posted on Mass Birds this week.

Otter is also a somewhat threatened species. American Rivers Association states this species protection is a priority.

The arboreal Gray fox is also located on the Reservation. FAR is searching for Task Force members that would like to teach and learn from the unique urban wild. Towards that end, FAR is looking for who can organize their own specific constituencies which have an environmental need, and/or recreational interest in the area. Call FAR offices at 617 415-8884 or Twitter "AlewifeFriends".