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Excel students thank FAR for community service day
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Dear Ellen Mass,
Thank y very much for inviting the 6th grade to Alewife Brook Reservation. I think what you do is important because the wild life doesn't have anywhere to go. Also, they don't have anyone who cares about them and I think you're really generous. My favorite part of the day was when we were picking up the trash because that is important for the animals to have a clean and healthy space. I learned that the beauty of the earth needs to be preserved no only for the animals, abut also for the humans. Also I would like to mention and congratulate you for the fact that even though the pollution surrounding you preserved area isn't stopping you from helping the animals you care about. I would like to thank you again for inviting the 6th grade to the Alewife brook Reservation.

Leeza Camacho
Excel Academy 6 th grader
College Class of 2020

Dear Ms. Ellen Mass,
Thank you for inviting us at Alewife Brook Reservation to help out with the trash. I felt the work we did was important, because the nature does not get a lot of respect. My favorite part was helping the environment, because it needs our help. What I learned was different kinds of maples and birds. Thank you again for inviting Excel 6th grade students to the Alewife Brook Reservation.

Excel Academy 6th Grader
College Class of 2020

Dear Ellen Mass and Alewife Brook Reservation,
Thank you for inviting Excel to help out today. I think that the work that we did was important because it will help prevent global warming. My favorite part was going on the silent walk and appreciating nature. I learned that if everyday worked together as a team this world can be made a cleaner place. Thank you again for inviting us to help.

Excel Academy 6th grader
College Class 2020