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Annual Meeting Elects Leaders of the Future
January 21, 2008

We laud the Annual meeting of the Friends of Alewife Reservation which voted in their 15 task force board members who will organize their own interest groups and work in conjunction with other members to utilize the large 130 acres of urban wild at Alewife. Also elected were Treasure, David Howe, Secretary, William Ackerly; President Pro-Temp, Ellen Mass, who retires in April. Speaker, Honorable Mayor E. Denise Simmons, spoke about the Green Jobs initiative throughout the region, and in Cambridge making the conservation connection with youth becoming more 'green' in their thinking with nature exposure and training by professionals. She offered support for the organization through the Mayor's Youth Program involvement and other needed support of the City for an Ecology Camp curriculum this summer at Alewife Reservation. Rep. William Brownsberger spoke about House Bill 21 which aims to purchase the silver maple forest for the Department of Conservation and Recreation with acquisition monies. High level meetings are now taking place in the legislature, committees, DCR, and with the Governor's office. Also, prominent in the meeting was Samantha Overton Bussell, Deputy Director of the Urban Parks and Recreation, spoke about the Agency's great need for the Friends groups, and Boston-wide stewarding initiatives with increased maintenance and services pledged by the new Commissioner. She pledged assistance with the Ecology Camp. She spoke about the Alewife Master Plan, which encompasses the Somerville Arlington Greenway. FAR and the advocates for the Plan can expect a design phase II plan soon with meeting. FAR was encouraged with her interest and praise for the Friends, and a meeting with the city which will include Reservation improvements That will be take place in Cambridge. Parks Serve Day (cleanup of the Reservation) of the DCR will take place this year again in mid May, and the Alewife Reservation will be an important site for the city-wide event.

Task Force Speaker Dr. David Morimoto from Lesley University spoke of the importance of partnering with FAR and the enormous influence a non-profit like FAR can make in partnering with all echelons of agencies and educational institutions to preserve, protect and learn from the area. David voiced commitment to these tasks and offered assistance in grants and helping the group to partner and to lead trips.

Task Force Speaker Arlene Olivero, an ecologist spoke of several important wetland projects and the Ecology Camp for others to involve themselves in, and pledged her own commitment. to these projects and the storm water management wetlands project on the south side off the River continuing to advance.

The focus of the meeting was the election of FAR board of art, school teachers, college professor, researchers, tenants union, ecologist, youth agencies, journalist, environmental coalition leader, stewardship specialist, bird box monitor, and others.

We welcome the following Task Force Board members :
David Howe, Joan Fitzgerald, Bill Ackerly, Laurie Leyshon, David Morimoto, Ellen Mass, Kerrie Harthan, Susan Agger, Young Song, Arlene Olivero, Patricia Casola, Laura Sylvan, Alvin Helfeld, Janet Hobbes, Kent Jackson, Julie Shapiro, Cindy Delpapa, LeRoy Heard, Stanley Dzierzeski, Don Bockler, John Walker, Santiago Noreiga