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Alewife Regional Planning Requested
added to website January 10, 2007


Notwithstanding any general or special law or regulation to the contrary, there is hereby established a special commission, titled the Alewife Planning Commission, in this act called the commission, for the purpose of defining long term regional planning objectives for the Alewife basin and broad recommendations towards achieving those objectives.

The commission shall focus primarily on the areas of the Alewife basin near the shared borders of Arlington, Belmont and Cambridge and most specifically on the area surrounding the intersection of Route 2 and Route 16 and the Alewife transit station and shall consider all aspects of long term planning for the area, and all issues bearing on the future of the area, including without limitation: Regional traffic planning, regional transit planning, water quality protection, storm water management, wetlands protection and restoration, wildlife protection, regional recreation needs, bicycle and pedestrian access, land conservation and local priorities as reflected by local zoning. The commission may explore issues currently under the jurisdiction of other state or local entities for the purpose of developing a comprehensive regional vision, but the commission shall have no authority not specifically provided for in this act.

The commission shall be composed of one member designated by the department of conservation and recreation, one member designated by Massachusetts highway department, one member designated by the Metropolitan Boston Transit Authority, one member designated by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, one member designated by the Board of Selectmen of Arlington, one member designated by the Board of Selectmen in Belmont and one member designated by the City Council of Cambridge.

The commission may receive funds from any lawful source, including without limitation funds appropriated either by the Commonwealth or by any municipality and may use said funds to employ such consultants and other professionals and purchase for materials and services as it deems necessary and appropriate insofar as the same are not supplied by cooperating state or local government or private entities.

The commission shall conduct its meetings in accordance with the open meeting law and shall keep accurate records of its meetings and actions. The commission shall seek broad input from all parties with an interest in the Alewife basin.

The state agencies having authority to make appointments to the committee shall make said appointments within sixty days of the effective date of this act. After 60 days have elapsed from the effective date of this act, the failure of one or more appointing authorities to make an appointment shall not prevent the commission from meeting or beginning its work and a quorum of the commission shall be comprised of at least one half of the actually sitting members of the commission.

The commission make its recommendations in a public report to be filed with legislature not more than eighteen months after the effective date of this act.

This act shall take effect upon its passage.