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FAR President speaks to The Alewife News about preserving the Uplands.
Mass appeals to save our Alewife wild.
January 16, 2007
by Ian Marvinney

The leader of the local group fighting the preserve the Alewife Reservation and its environs spoke at the Dec. 14 contributors meeting held at back table at the Porter Square Books store.

"I'm shocked and disappointed when people don't see the value of their open spaces," said Ellen Mass, president of Friends of Alewife Reservation. "FAR is responsible for not only stewarding and education,but advocacy," she said.

Mass said a developer, O'Neill Properties Group, is planning on building a 300-apartment project on the Belmont Uplands, which abuts the north boundries of the Alewife Reservation.

The Alewife Reservation is a stretch of undeveloped land running along Little River and Little Pond near the border between Cambridge and Belmont. "It boasts a diverse ecosystem," said Mass. "It has woodlands, marshes and streams."

This diversity of land has attracted almost a hundred species of birds and over dozen species of mammals, including coyote and great blue herons, according to surveys taken by David Brown, a respected naturalist, she said.

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