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Springtime at Alewife Reservation
by Ellen Mass
May 27, 2007

The deep white-pink apple blossoms have gone, and the Pin and Black cherry promise to burst open in whiteness throughout the Reservation. The delicate Oriental honey suckle, although invasive, is blooming. White-pink and Gray Swamp dogwood will be out in the next weeks. White Campion has bloomed. The Carolina and Multi-flora rose will burst very soon together with Meadowsweet and Viburnum. River Bank Wild grape has expanded. Invasive Gill-Over- the- Ground has added a deep purple highlight to the Reservation. Common dandelions and yellow Celandine reflect the yellow sun.

Pathways that previously led to debris encampments, may now lead to a tent, but not an unsanitary sight, an improved condition attributed to the FAR cleanups recently at Alewife.

Purchase of the forested Uplands is getting a bit more powerful support from the state house, but a long shot. The Havern bill with Route 2 moratorium, is now back in circulation with the backing of regional Rep. Will Brownsberger and Robert Havern, Arlington.

HB 21 of Brownsberger, now in the Financial Capital Committee, has requested 6 million for the Uplands, Also, requested is that the towns Arlington and Belmont, and city of Cambridge make up the difference if the new appraisal is higher.

Brownsberger has also noted the Uplands purchase with the expenditure to improve the Amelia Earhart dam.

This legislator needs to hear from you and your friends. If you live near the area, you must not delay, but tell of your neighborhood wishes here. There is no more time.

The legislature ends soon for the summer. Brownsberger has promised a Hearing, and he needs to hear that you want a Hearing — by YOUR CALL — 617 489-6437,

We also ask that readers write articles about their Reservation experience and about the opportunities with legislative action to protect the forest.

Another phase of the Master Plan is moving forward. Dan Driscoll will need to begin the canoe launch soon for summer time use and for budget completion.

We support the DCR in the Phase II and Phase III of the Plan, and the beginning of a solid vegetative management plan at the Reservation. FAR will be involved with a youth education project throughout the summer which will entail invasive containment and buffer planting.

Ellen Mass
Friends of Alewife Reservation