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Alewife studies sought: Bill could slow Uplands permits
Belmont Citizen-Herald - October 12, 2006 - By Linda Pinkow/ Staff Writer

A bill now in the state Legislature could put the brakes on the 299-unit affordable housing development planned by O'Neill Properties on the Belmont Uplands.

Proposed by state Sen. Robert Havern, D-Arlington, Senate Bill 1909 would require the state Transportation Office to conduct a comprehensive study of traffic, flood control, air quality and other problems in the Alewife area.

The Senate version of the bill also includes a moratorium on the issuance of state highway access permits in the Alewife area until the studies are completed, thereby preventing construction at the Uplands.

"I'm not trying to say that there shouldn't be any development, but we need to have some idea of how this [development] is going to impact people in my district," Havern said this week.

A spokesman for O'Neill Properties, Jeremy Crockford, said the company had no comment about the Havern bill.

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