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Alewife Reservation Status as Unique Ecosystem Grows with Scientific Method
Demonstrating status of Silver Maple forest Uplands

Added to website April 13, 2006

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The Reservation's "Natural Communities" opportunities of defining the Reservation ecosystems will soon take place according to specific environmental characteristics and standards devised nationally, but supervised and officially identified locally, by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program of the Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife under the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.

There are significant forms to fill out. Professor David Morimoto from Lesley University will be studying these communities and submitting appropriate findings to the state in behalf of the Alewife Reservation. We at FAR along with others will be sponsoring his endeavors.

For more information see:
    "Concept: Silver maple/green ash-dominated forests occurring on alluvial soils of small rivers and streams . . ."

    "Natural Communities Symposium" with links to PDF files of presentations
    • Mapping Natural Communities: Lessons from Camp Edwards, Cape Cod -- Michael Ciaranca, Massachusetts Army National Guard
    • Comprehensive Natural Community Mapping in the Housatonic Watershed -- Kasey Rolih
    They "plan to make more presentations available for download in PDF format"