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Bird House Monitoring — Friday, April 28, 2006
by Debbie Jenney

I arrived at Blair Pond 8:15 am. I went to my usual spot for observing birdhouse and came upon a young African-American woman, Nia, sitting on granite slab. we talked for about 15 minutes and then she had to get to work at Crate-Escape which shares parking lot at Blair Pond. Basically, company provides doggie daycare for about 40 dogs daily. i showed her the birdhouse and a tree swallow perched there. she was surprised to see them both as she often sits in that spot and had not noticed bird house. i encouraged her to watch the birdhouse and activity.

walked trail to birdhouse at little river. controlled burning of brush evident around birdhouse area. zero scorch marks on metal support to birdhouse. 2 tree swallows not evident as in previous note. kildeer observed in field to right of house when facing river. also observed pair of american goldfinches, red-winged blackbirds, pair of swans, several canadian geese & robins.

opened birdhouses. nest activity evident in both houses. birdhouse on river side larger and more elaborate.

travelled on to house near alewife. both latches open on houses. zero nest activity. i forgot to mention last entry that i startled kildeer in this field. none in this area today.

en route back to blair pond i stopped again at birdhouses at little river. one tree swallow flying up high about a block away and then down the river towards alewife about 3 city blocks away. then flew to opposite side or river out of sight.