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Statement before Executive Committee of the Cambridge Democratic City Committee
April 27, 2006

Statement before Executive Comm. of the Cambridge Democratic City Committee: Will be Voted on May 22 by entire Committee

Whereas in accordance with the principles of environmental stewardship as embodied in the words of Henry David Thoreau, "in wilderness is the salvation of the world," it is incumbent upon us to take action to preserve our precious wilderness areas;
And, whereas the Alewife Reservation is the last remaining wilderness area within the City of Cambridge and its adjacent communities;
Be it resolved that the Cambridge Ward 6 Democratic City Committee request that the Cambridge City Council resolve to oppose the Belmont 40B Project adjacent to the Alewife Reservation on the Cambridge/Belmont line as said project will negatively impact its Silver Maple Forested uplands and its wetlands area;
And be it further resolved that this resolution be transmitted to the Cambridge Democratic City Committee for similar action by the CDCC.

Passed unanimously by the Ward 6 Cambridge Democratic Committee 4/27/2006.