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Bird House Work
FAR Winter Monitoring Plan
Information provided by Stew Sanders, December 2005

volunteers sought
Call: 617 489-3120

proposed monitor activity imposters predators maintenance structure/repair/location zone # species by cleaned found; record number 1 nr. 2
design and/or use
weekly May-June blackants Feb. clean(1,5,6) ok--------orch south carolnawren/chcdee Feb.,04 moss nest, lined, 3 eggs whole, 1 shell,'03 start of nest, pine needles and dirt; some chewing around entrance
weekly May-June wasps Feb. clean(4,6) ok--------orch north chickadee Feb.,04 3 tubes of pipe organ wasps, mud dauber
twice a month, April-May are there plenty of worms orchard Robin
twice a month, May-June sufficient mud worms Blair Pond area Killdeer
weekly April -June squirrels Mar. clean(2,6) add perch s.e. of beginning of Little River flicker Mar.'04 squirrel nest and squirrel
weekly June SongSprw
occasional, June, listen Blair Pond area Am. Toad
weekly April - May squirrel Dec., clean (1,4,6,7) C screech owl Mar.'04 animal and bird remains
weekly April - May squirrel Dec.,.clean(1,3,4,6,7) 15, add nail to roof kestrel Mar.'04 slight hollow in shavings, spiders
monthly October cut upper face of slope kingfisher
warm weather snakes
March and April,twilight maintain open area Woodcock
early summer sandy area Snpng Turtle
winter; tracks in snow add brush on top orchard, near Wellington Brook cottontail
weekly April - June Nov cleaned (3) check 4 drain holes  Claypit P. Rough-w Sw Nov.'03
monthly; weekly Apr-Jun Mar.clean(1) Jul clean-Perch P screech owl Mar.'04 leaves like squirrel's work
Mar. put up in zone 18 choose site and put up, double Tree Swallw
Mar., put up in zone 3 choose site and put up, double Tree Swallw
mouse C  double  northeast mouse
weekly June 12/15 cleaned C  double  southwest Bluebird Dec., '05 12/5 dead skeletal remains, nest material
weekly June house sp Feb. clean (1) modified   Blair P. Tree Swallw Feb.,04 House Sparrow nest; reduced hole size
weekly June Mar. put up in zone 18 choose site and put up, double Tree Swallw
weekly June Mar. put up in zone 18 choose site and put up, double Tree Swallw
gourds hanging, Wyeth property P. Martins
twice in May squirrels (1) add entrance shield,trim branches wood duck Mar.,'04 3 squirrels, one bob-tailed in nest
summer, 2007 river otter
notes (1) requires stepladder, brush cutters electric screwdriver wrench set small wrench
(2) requires 2 people full length ladder 1/4" wrench  
(3) requires 2 people rubber boots
(4) requires 2 people brush cutters, sickle
(5) requires 2 people phillips head screwdriver smallwrench
all require putty knife, brush, mask,
(6) require fresh wood shavings,not cedar
(7) requires mirror and flashlight