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Concord Serve-A-Thon youth show appreciation for work program
These articles are from Claire Teylouni and Malin Adams, both 9th graders, from First Parish in Concord.

This is my third year at the City Year Servathon. The weather was a little rainy and raw but we did not care. Our group is from First Parish in Concord and we met up with the City Year volunteers on the Alewife bike path.

Together with kids from the Fenn School and Nashoba Brooks School ( also in Concord,) we spent most the day clearing the bike path of brush, leaves, and weeds.

It was hard work but we got into it. It is great to work alongside friends and to be outdoors helping. A lot of parents were with us and they had a good time too. We put on our City Year t-shirts and worked alongside one another. At lunchtime, we took a break, and sat together. Who isn't hungry after cutting, sweeping, moving brush and packing it in bags? We played some hand games, talked with the City Year counselors who told us about the program..... We also learned about the Alewife Reservation.

It is great so many people care about this space. Living in Concord, I have grown up learning how important it is to conserve the woods and take care of natural areas. It is extra important to perserve this space when you are in the city.

I feel we did a good job at the Alewife location. We did our part working together. It was a great day (I wish we had our bikes with us!) Thanks for this experience,

Claire Teylouni
Concord, MA

At first I thought our day at the Serv-a-thon would be the longest ever.. But once we got into the work, it was great. It was fun to work hard and do this together with a good group of people. We cleared a lot of brush. It was fun to ride back and forth in the truck.

A woman from the Alewife Reservation spoke with us. She thanked us for volunteering and told us a little bit about the history of the Alewife area. I guess the work we did will benefit everyone who travels the bike path. I am glad to know we really helped. The Mayor of Cambridge also came to speak with us. He thanked us on behalf of all the Cambridge individuals and families who now will be able to use the bike path safely.

The Serv-a-thon leaders are really great. We talked, ate lunch together and they were working right along side us. I think it would be great to work for City Year.

Malin Adams,
Concord, MA