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Mystic Mural Teens educational tour
July 14, 2005 - led by FAR volunteer Dan Rueters-Ward

On Thursday July 14, 2005, FAR Volunteer Dan Rueters-Ward led the Mystic Mural Teens on an educational tour of the Alewife Brook Reservation. Rueters-Ward introduced the young adults to a variety of flora and fauna as the group traveled along the path on the north side of Little River. During their journey from the Alewife T stop to the sliver maple forest, or "Belmont Uplands," the Teens expressed a specific interest in trees.

Rueters-Ward fielded many questions about the native, invasive, and alien tree species in the area, and the Teens catalogued all of the new species and terms they encountered. The group had an excellent time and was especially excited to catch a glimpse of a swan and her goslings feeding in Perch Pond.