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Maintaining Alewife Reservation trails
North Side Trail
by Michael Arnott
text: December 30, 2004; photo January 5, 2005

As of today the North Side Trail is in good shape from the East End/Bulfinch/DCR parking lot, up along the Little River behind the old ADL buildings, and into the main section of the north side of the Reservation -- all the way to Little Pond.

The first stream/drainage ditch crossing has a pallet "bridge". The others have less substantial sumac log bridges. I recommend using a walking stick for these crossings if you are at all unsure on your feet. Once you pass the tall bird box next to the field that is next to the Sliver Maple Forest you want to turn left. There are still some of the old blue trail marker flags left along the trail in the section between the Silver Maple Forest and Little Pond. If you go out bring some blue plastic ribbon to better mark the trail. When it looks like you have an option of going right, straight, or left - go left. That way you won't stray into O'Neil property.

It had been several days since it snowed, so some of the tracks were not as sharply defined as they might have been a couple of days ago. I saw lots of coyote, rabbit, squirrel, and other small rodent tracks. The most interesting find was the recent remains of what I'm guessing was a Great Horned Owl's rabbit meal. I took several pictures. I also think I saw river otter tracks on the bank of Little Pond.

I hope we can keep the trail in good shape now. It goes through several different wetland habitats, all the interesting and educational.

North Side trail, Silver Maple section