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Social Justice Sunday (November 6, 2004)
from, with permission, the website of The First Parish in Cambridge, The First Church in Cambridge Unitarian Universalist

For Social Justice Sunday, we went to the Alewife Reservation, a park that is cared for by the dedicated volunteers from Friends of the Alewife Reservation (FAR). Under the inspiration and direction of FAR member Ellen Mass, Lisa Maloney and Amy Stubblefield led two different tour groups of First Parish RE students and parents on a scavenger hunt. Our goals were to find evidence of people and wildlife in the park, excite families to visit the Reservation again, to view a brand new mural depicting some of the wildlife treasures of the Reservation, and to have fun! Some of the scavenger hunt list items we found were the following: an abandoned beaver lodge, slow moving water from a culvert, invasive plants such as Phragmites and Japanese Knotweed, a tree with fuzzy bark (Staghorn Sumac), a rare Hoptree, and an example of the invasive Bittersweet vine strangling a tree. Parents and children alike asked questions and added their knowledge to the tour. Thanks to all who came!