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Bulfinch — Alewife proposal good for city, environment
letter in Boston Globe, September 12, 2004,
from Ellen Mass, President Friends of Alewife Reservation


Alewife proposal good for city, environment
September 12, 2004

It seems from Christine McConville's article "Old fears cloud new vision for A.D. Little site" (Globe NorthWest, Aug. 22) very few are getting it right in regard to Alewife and what the area is all about.

Almost 9 new acres of open space are being offered by the Bulfinch Co. for natural watershed functions, restoration, and passive recreation in their concept plans and in verbal presentations to the Cambridge Conservation Commission. The natural area will result from building demolitions and parking lot removal.

Perfect for the area is the Smithsonian tenant who may use the open sky area for its purposes, that is, the world-famed Magellan telescope testing. The astrophysical observatory would likely favor high-standard environmental protections in their midst.

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