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Alewife Arts Mural Project completed
with summaries of and links to background information

December 2004
— Cambridge Arts Council, a Local Cultural Council (LCC) Program of Massachusetts Cultural Council:

The mural (supported by local businesses, citizens, and a grant from the Cambridge Arts Council) is described as "an outstanding example of the value that LCC programs bring to Massachusetts' communities" in the profile currently at

October 22, 2004 — Dedication
Renowned muralist David Fichter, director, receives much recognition for Alewife environmental mural now up and facing Cambridge Park Dr. and Alewife Brook Parkway at the Alewife T stop in Cambridge.

  Students working on the project from left to right include Anika Ahlberg, Chris Ayube, Nathalie Andre, Eva Joly, Billy Andre, Ann Barnard.

Jason Weeks, Executive Director, Cambridge Arts Council.

  Daniel Kertzner, Program Manager, Local Cultural Council Program of Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Bird in mural is a Peregrin Falcon, seen often on Rindge Towers across from the Reservation often grabing a pigeon at the MBTA stop.

  Patrick Flynn of the Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, whose title is Director of Urban Parks and Recreation gives Alewife a priority area.

Dedicaters to the Mural meet at the T for the unveiling.   Ellen Mass, president of FAR, asks for Partnerhips among groups to help make the restoration happen at Alewife.

Mayor Michael Sullivan welcomes the Dedication crowd at Alewife to promote the promise of future improvements there.

  Rep Ann Paulsen of Cambridge, Arlingtona and Belmont says why wait, Alewife should be a priority area for restoration and improvements.

Barbara Boylan, MBTA Dept. of Design, says she was very pleased to see this happen, and noted that persistance sometimes brings about success.

October 2004 — Workmen at MBTA put up panels before dedication
Photos show half the mural.
(larger versions in the Friends of Alewife Reservation images
Image Collection — select Mural / Art category or click on individual photos below)


FAR Mural Dedication - October 22, 2004 - background and announcement
Invitation to FAR Mural Dedication
Adobe Acrobat PDF invitation for printing

September 2004 — Photos of completed mural
(larger versions in the Friends of Alewife Reservation images
Image Collection — select Mural / Art category or click on individual photos below)


Background information (summaries, with links to full information)
  • August 20, 2003 — Capturing the urban wilds (article in Cambridge Chronicle)
    Contains views of artist and students, and a perspecitve and history of the project. All are noted in this mutli-color-picture article on the front page of the Cantabrigia section. Includes photos of students at work.
    Cambridge Chronicle article —

  • July 23, 2003 — Alewife Arts Mural Project Begins
    by Ellen Mass
    (Abridged in the Belmont Citizen Herald, July 23, 2003, as Students make murals for Alewife T)
    After two years of fund-raising, Friends of Alewife Reservation has begun a summer sketching, drawing, and environmental program at the Alewife Reservation and the Haggerty School entitled the Alewife Arts Mural Project. Eighty feet of painted environmental panels are planned for hanging at the Alewife MBTA stop facing Alewife Parkway.
    Full text

  • March 2003 — Illustrated brochure about mural project

  • November 19, 2002 — Mural arts fundraiser evening — behind the Summer Shack
    Following a twilight stroll with Peter Alden, Friends of Alewife Reservation guests from Arlington, Belmont, Boston and Cambridge advanced towards the Summer Shack to view the meadows and future site of the environmental art mural on the huge garage above the T station.
    Full text plus photos

Financial Contributions for Mural and Office
Bioengineering Group, Dodge, Spaulding and Slye, Tiax, Best Western Homestead, East Coast Grill, Wyeth, Bulfinch Company, Gloria Korsman, Russ Cohen, Sue and Henry Bass, Jennifer Griffith, Peter Alden, Joan Kimball, David Morimoto, Alice Wolf, Henrietta Davis, Dennis Carr, Ernest Kirwan, Mark Kirk, Robert France, Mary White, Grace Perez, Timothy Toomey, Upton Bell.

Office support:
Rich McKinnon