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Springtime celebration - May 14 and 15, 2004

The First Parish Environmental Group and CUUPS co-sponsored a musical performance and gathering on May 14th: "From the Silver Maple Forests to the Redwood Forests". Featured was celebrated musician and red woods forest activist, Andy Barnett, who led an evening celebration of nature. Paul Winter has referred to Andy as, "A tremendous catalyst". The event raised money for the Environmental Group to support the effort of FAR (Friends of the Alewife Reservation) to reprint their sold-out Alewife wildlife inventory book.

The evening performance also served as a pre-event to a large outdoor drum and dance gathering in the Alewife Reservation the following day, Saturday, May 15, to celebrate the Alewife ecosystem and endangered Silver Maple Forest in particular.

Redwood performer
Andy Barnett for the Forest:
First Parish Cambridge.
(larger photos, in the slide show)
Earth Drum Council and Teriya Dance Troupe perform at outdoor FAR ceremonies for Springtime Celebration in the Uplands woods.
(larger photos, in the slide show)

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