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Bird house monitoring - work maintenance plan;
what is being done to help the birds with their housing needs
(information provided March 24, 2004 by Stew Sanders)
maintenance structure/repair/location location and species cleaned
Feb. clean(1) ok orchard south chickadee Feb.,04
Feb. clean(1) ok orchard north chickadee Feb.,04
Mar. clean(2) add perch, metal around tree near Little R & P flicker  Mar.'04
Mar.clean(4 drill and add top nail west meadow screech owl Mar.'04
Mar.clean(5 drill and add top nail Rte 2 phragmites kestrel Mar.'04
October cut upper face of slope orchard kingfisher
add brush on top of structure orchard rabbit
November research and design Rough-w Sw
Mar. clean (1 Perch P trail screech owl Mar.'04
Feb. clean (1 if nec. Add another 1/4 piece, bottom of hole Blair P. Tree Swallw Feb.,04
Wyeth east Tree Swallow
Wyeth west Tree Swallw
put up  Claypit P. Tree Swallw (1) add entrance shield, trim branches wood duck Mar.,'04
(1) requires stepladder screwdriver brush,mask
(2) requires full length ladder 1/4" wrench brush,mask
(3) requires rubber boots  screwdriver brush
(4) requires  wrench set 1/2" smallwrench brush, mask
(5) requires phillips head screwdriver smallwrench brush,mask