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Bird house monitoring - records of housecleaning and repairs;
includes species as they are moved onto an active list to work on
(information provided March 24, 2004 by Stew Sanders)

(This page should be printed in landscape orientation)

species activity imposters predators location records details
Date June '03 from March '04 cleaning
chickadee-s nested '03 people black ants orchard South on eggs 3 unhatched eggs and 1/2 shell
chickadee-n wasps orchard North 3 nest pipes, larvae, spider bodies, mouse marks
flicker squirrel near Little R. and Little P. nearby 6" deep cut up leaves; squirrel there
H. Wren
herring L Pond Spy P outlet
screech owl used '03 or '04 uplands feathers of smaller birds, small mammal bones
kestrel Rte. 2  slight depression in wood shavings
kingfisher orchard
rabbit orchard nearby
robin orchard nearby
r-w swallw present
screech owl squirrel near Wellington B & Perch about 2" of leaf fragments
song sparrw between bike path & Wyeth present
t swallow Wyeth east
t swallow Wyeth west
t swallow house sprw Blair P removed sparrow nest
toad Blair P
wood duck squirrel Perch P 3 squirrels present, one bob-tailed
a- ref. Baichich and Harrison