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Bird house monitoring - plan
(information provided March 24, 2004 by Stew Sanders)
species presence habitat value nr/priority mounting location details done species monitor a) for presence b) for predators c) for imposters location details arrival dates
alewife yes excellent Alewife weekly May-June April-June
barn swallow no poor low under bridges,eaves barn swallow
bat nearby poor low near pond bat Mass. Aud. Reports no successes for houses
blueback herring see  alewife bluebacked herring weekly May-June Apr-July
bluebird nearby fair low apple tree orchard; country roadside bluebird east end of reservation
carolina wren nearby good med post Box on post in orchard chickadee-south weekly May - July * April May-June
chickadee yes good high birch,apple tree orchard, woodlands Box on post in orchard chickadee-north weekly May - July April May-June painted to look like birch trunk
crested flycatcher nearby fair med edge of clearing crested flycatcher
downy woodpecker yes excellent med dead tree lightly wooded,deciduous; orchard downy woodpecker
flicker yes fair high tree trunk  lightly wooded,deciduous; orchard box on tree near Little R and Little Pond flicker weekly April -July Apr.-July March 30 yrds into woods may help avoid starlings
house wren yes excellent high post or hanging woodland borders house wren
kestrel recent good high pole, bldg treeless area; 20 yrds fm tree; 1 box/acre Minuteman bikepath marsh kestrel weekly April - July 2 times a year March-April;evict treeless area, 20 yrds from dead tree; facing S or SW Mar.-Apr
screech owl recent good high pole, bldg uplands meadow toward Perch Pond screech owl weekly April - July 2 times a year March-April;evict
kingfisher yes good high gravel, sand, clay, near water kingfisher formerly nested on larger dirt pile here
meadow vole yes excellent meadow vole
muskrat yes excellent plant chamber water not more than 2' deep muskrat
phoebe nearby good med under dock or bridge next to water phoebe
rabbit, Cottontail yes excellent high ground sumac, briars wood structure in orchard rabbit winter; tracks in snow structure of wood beams, logs with openings
robin yes excellent med robin
rough-winged swallow yes excellent med roughwinged swallow
screech owl yes good high tree trunk woodland border, mixed; orchard; near houses Perch Pond NW side on tree screech owl monthly; weekly Apr-Jun see also, wood duck and kestrel houses
snake, Garter yes excellent high ground open sandy area; fissures in rock snake
song sparrow yes excellent song sparrow moist land
titmouse yes good low woods, orchards titmouse
tree swallow yes, until- good high metal pole open wooded swamp; old orchard Blair Pond peninsular tree swallow Apr-June Apr.-June March-June install trap or relocate sparrows took over, 2003
tree swallow driven out- good high metal pole open wooded swamp; old orchard Wyeth east tree swallow put up post in Little P n. end
tree swallow by sparrw good high open wooded swamp; old orchard Wyeth west tree swallow install trap or remove
wh breastd nuthatch yes good low woodland; orchard nuthatch
wh footed mouse nearby excellent med woodland; borders; brushy area white footed mouse ask Mass. Aud. Andrea Jones 781 834 7545 re grass
wood duck recent good medium post river timber; apple orchard; shade tree near bldgs Perch Pond NW on stand wood duck weekly April- June  Apr.-June March-June Dec. clean, replace shavings
short-tailed shrew nearby excellent
tree frog yes good *only when young are hatched
"organ pipe" wasp yes see Chickadee house north and first 12 days
grey squirrel yes excellent see flicker, screech owl, wood duck houses
woodchuck yes excellent
bumble bee
painted turtle yes
snapping turtle yes high
invasive House Sparw see Tree Swallow Blair Pond house