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Stream Team outreach information
March 2004

Please come and join a new Stream Team effort for monitoring in the Alewife Reservation along the Little River. Volunteers will perform a visual shoreline survey of the Little River through Alewife Reservation and will monitor for anadromous fish activity. Members of the Stream Team may also attend hearings and help to draft comments on the plans for the stormwater wetland that will be constructed in Alewife Reservation as part of the City of Cambridge sewer separation project.

Other activities may include: recreation planning, monitoring Little River for salinity, and assisting the city with educational components of stormwater management.

Committee members will have an active role in planning and implementing the activities of the group, including:
  • Deciding on goals for this monitoring effort.
  • Outreach about stormwater pollution and the new stormwater wetland.
  • Writing comments to town boards.
  • Monitoring Little River for anadromous fish.
  • Coordinating with the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Cambridge Conservation Commission.