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Stream Team activities
February 2004

Stream Team Activities

Water Quality
  • Volunteers monitor for salinity during snow melt and rain events downstream of storm drains
  • Make recommendations about managing salt applications
  • Regular monitoring of erosion control practices during construction
  • Monitor viability of plants in the basin after construction
  • Assist with planting in and around the stormwater basin
  • Volunteers will have two truckloads of mulch this coming year
  • Provide input into plant list for the basin
  • Identify areas of invasive species to be removed during construction
  • Help to monitor invasive species after construction
  • Possibly help to remove/weed invasive species after construction
  • Comment on trail planning and other recreational aspects of final design for stormwater basin including the shelter/education area
  • Trail Maintenance participation and instruction from AMC trailmakers
Stormwater Management
  • Gather information about Phase II plans for the city
  • Read the city's stormwater permit
  • Identify areas where Stream Team members can assist or overlap with city's stormwater activities
  • Assist with the educational components of stormwater management in Cambridge including information in DPW newsletters, newspaper articles, etc.
  • Make sure that DCR is coordinating with the City and contractors
  • Have occasional meetings with contractors