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A Major Wetlands Restoration/Storm Water Management Model Project, and Environmental Learning Center for Cambridge and the Massachusetts metropolitan western corridor covering 8 to 10 acres
by City of Cambridge, Bioengineering Group, MWH Inc., Mass Water Resources Authority and SEA construction and Friends of Alewife Reservation.
November 5, 2004 draft - list of project pages

Numbers are those of the pages in the Adobe Acrobat 22 page 7MB file for printing (set printer to fit-to-page) - with a 56K dial-up modem, file takes about 22 minutes to download.
Because the original pages are 11" x 17", it is difficult to see detail on pages printed from the Adobe Acrobat file.

Each page listed below dowloads in about 15 to 30 seconds with a 56K dial-up modem — and the detail is easy to see (you will have to scroll the images).
The pages listed below, except the standard text web page, are not suitable for printing because most printers cannot fit them on a single 8.5" x 11" page.

Numbers followed by a period (for example, 1.) are page numbers of the Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
Letters plus numbers in square brackets (for example, [L-0])are from the project pages and are provided for easy reference and because the last page refers to these designations.

Pages 2/[L-0] and 22/[L-16] are text presented as images in the Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
Page 2/[L-0] is provided as both an image and as a standard text web page;
Page 22/[L-16] is provided as an image, as a Microsoft Word file, and as a text Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
All other pages are images of maps.

For pages whose title is the same as the title of another page, a brief explanation of contents is provided in parentheses.
  1. [EC - 1] existing conditions
  2. [L-0] general notes - general notes as a standard text web page
  3. [L-1A] sedimentation and erosion control plan: west
  4. [L-1B] sedimentation and erosion control plan: east
  5. [l-2A] layout and materials plan: west
  6. [L-2B] layout and materials plan: east
  7. [L-3A] grading plan: west
  8. [L-3B] grading plan: east
  9. [L-4A] planting plan: west
  10. [L-4B] planting plan: east
  11. [L-5] special plan: entry treatment - cambridgepark drive
  12. [L-6] amphitheatre enlargement
  13. [L-7] erosion and sediment control details
  14. [L-8] layout and material details (surfacing, concrete, signs, bollards, guiderails)
  15. [L-9] layout and material details (timber gate, kiosk, log bench, bike rack)
  16. [L-10] layout and material details (timber boardwalk and abutment)
  17. [L-11] layout and material details (timber overlook, signage, and bench)
  18. [L-12] grading and drainage details (flood protection berm, cabled concrete block, coir)
  19. L-13] grading and drainage details (rodent control, cross berm inlet and outlet, wetland outlet)
  20. [L-14] planting details (deciduous tree, shrub, evergreen, herbaceous plant plugs, livestakes)
  21. [L-15] planting details (erosion control matting, goose deterrent fence)
  22. [L-16] details: planting (table of: square feet of planting, estimated number, scientific and common names, size, spacing, and comments - for the project areas) Microsoft Word file text Adobe Acrobat file These files refer to the L numbers of the pages.