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This appeared on the home page during the winter 2003-2004 holiday season.



The snowfall fell through the forest
As voices rang out
And instruments of every string that's strung
Throughout the starry night.

Starlight and snowflake mingled there
And campfire on the ground
And round about the great tree trunk
We danced just like the dancing flame
As the wind swayed in the forest.

Above, the longest and first time ever
Party, all night long!
And racing through the frozen leaves
A wild and happy throng.

O What a time!
After we sang songs and played games and threw darts
We ran up to our rooms, climbing up
The wooden stairways to the top
Candles guiding our way
At the late hour.

We went to sleep
Beneath quilts of goose down soft and fluffy
Like cloud and sky above us
In the rooms smelling of cedar and fir
The music ringing in our ears
With the baskets swinging overhead
And the candles blurred and the room and the bed swayed.

On the longest night of the year
In dusky calming cedar smell
And billows of goosedown blankets
To keep out the icy cold
High above the ground and near the stars
Hibernating like bears in the wintry way.

Awaiting the sun's turn
The ever best and longest rest
Outside the notes of one last song
At the wooden palace in the trees
In the high tree tops
As the wind swayed
As we stayed throughout the night
In the forest.

P.S. in the book, the wooden palace is quite literal -- the young people, from all times and places, having helped to rescue the sun, are staying overnight in the elves' palace, which is located high in the trees.