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Wetlands Protection Act (WPA)
Order of Conditions Ruling
by Belmont Conservation Commission
June 3, 2003

Attachment to WPA Form 5- Order of Conditions

310 CMR 10.05 (6) (c) permits the Conservation Commission to deny a project for lack of information. The project is denied because the applicant has not obtained or applied for site plan review and approval as required by MGL Chapter 131, Section 40 and Sections 6B.6 and 6B.8 of the Belmont Zoning By-Law. In addition, the application lacked information regarding access roads which require embankments and drainage. Embankments have the potential to occupy flood storage volume and highway drainage must be managed to minimize impact on the resource area.

Further, the application lacked information on utility layout, including sewer connection, which may have additional impact on the resource area.

The information submitted failed to adequately describe the impact of permanently changing more than 58 percent of the area of the buffer zone into impermeable surfaces.

No work shall be performed on this project.

The applicant may propose alternative projects or improvement to the plan in a new Notice of Intent.

Submittals considered.
Notice of Intent Form 3 with attachments, Prepared by Epsilon Associates, Inc., dated April 18, 2003.
Drainage Summary Report, Belmont Office/Lab Building, Prepared by Rizzo Associates, Inc. dated April 16, 2003. Notice of Intent Plans for Belmont Conservation Commission, 6 sheets plus cover sheet, dated April 16, 2003.