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Regional Conservation Planning Begins
Earth Day at Alewife - May 3, 2003
(with photos)

Sunny Saturday on Earth Day at Alewife, 2 MDC truck loads of trash, tires, glass, refrigerator, and several homestead trash heaps were collected. As a result of so many Alewife stakeholders joining in this 3rd annual cleanup year, Friends of Alewife is entering a campaign asking that all drivers and commuters refrain from throwing trash in the public areas around the T stop, and asking city and state agencies to perform more regular maintennce duties around these large open space public areas we now proudly call Alewife Reservation, including the Commuter Rail Services.

This year large tracts and ponds around the Rt. 2 "T" ramps from T, and W.R. Grace ponds were cleaned by the company and T staff. Bullfinch Companies also did their part, and are keeping Acorn Park Drive and roadside a lot cleaner these days. More was removed along Rt. 2, Rindge Ave., T ramps, Yates and Little Yates Pond, embankments, Acorn Park Drive and large areas around MBTA borders.

Other Companies such as Wyeth, Grace, City Correctional facilities, SEA, Cambridge Fire Dept., Turf Co. and Hillside Gardens, Dodge Co., Partners Financial, all contributed to this year's annual event. Montgomery, Watson, Harza Team members were there. Special thanks to Dennis Carr, who provided a truck and excellent logistics so each area of the 115 acres of urban wild could be well attended to. City of Cambridge was on hand with recycling and storm water literature, with which it will soon expand its educational environmental campaign throughout the City to coincide with Federal Clean Water Phase II requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The success of the day however, was due overwhelmingly to the four hours of hard labor contributed by 60 participants of abutters and families from Cambridge, Somerville, Belmont, Arlington, Boston, and Lexington who came to clean sections of Yates Pond, Reservation proper (south of Little River), Blair Pond and Hill Estates with coordinator, Mark Kirk at the western end. Thanks to Legislator, Ann Paulsen who visited the Blanchard Rd. Area and recognized the abuses of dumping behind the commercial area with a delicate pond ecosystem there, bordered by the commuter rail tracks directly on the Cambridge-Belmont border. FAR Stewarding Committee members are John Walker, Mark Kirk, Dennis Carr, Jane Eisenstark, and John Sewecinski.

Throughout May, cleanups will continue on the Mystic River watershed and dates, times, places are available. Call 617 316-3438. For future FAR events, 617 547-1944

Ellen Mass
For the Cleanup Committee

large image

Blair Pond,
Cambridge-Belmont border
large image

MWH personnel
large image

near Blair Pond
from left -
Lizzie Feigenbaum of Cambridge,
Christaine Wollaston of Belmont
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