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it's private
Belmont Silver Maple Mother Tree
- Second largest in United States?
Suzie Watson

I am nominating a huge Silver Maple tree that stands in the privately owned Silver Maple forest out in the Alewife area, which is slated to be cut down by developers. It is technically in Belmont.
Going by the measurements I've made, it appears to be just under the points for the National Silver Maple Champ in Columbia County, WI.

Do you know any agencies or organization that would be interested in helping save this great old mother tree? The registry only adds status but does not designate it as historic or valuable.

The measurements were performed in accordance with the National Register of Big Trees.
A clinometer was used to obtain the total height.
Circumference: 237" (19' 9")
Total Height: 118" 9"
Crown Spread: 169.5 feet (Averaged width of crown measured in two directions, widest and narrowest)

*Points are formulated by Circumference (in inches) + Total Height (feet) + 1/4 Crown Spread (feet) The tree's Crown should be re-measured when foliage appears. This may add points.

The champ got 436 points.

If you want to check out the registry:

Carolina Wren in silver maple mother tree, April 2004
Another image of this bird in the mother tree (in the slide show)
(images added April 9, 2004))