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Materials to study Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
for proposed office/R&D development
at Belmont Uplands near Route 2 and Alewife

List of materials to study EIR


Materials available for your scrutiny if called in advance and willing to copy immediately and return.

Belmont Uplands, Silver Maple Forest proposal:

The proposed office/R&D development at the Belmont Uplands near Route 2 and Alewife has filed its Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) with MEPA, the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act office. There is a thirty-day public comment period, which ends on May 8th.

Copies of the DEIR can be obtained from the developer's engineering firm, Epsilon Associates. Contact Laura Rome at (978)461-6226, and refer to project 12376R, Belmont Office/R & D Building, Belmont.

For details on how to submit your comments to MEPA, go to

Ellen Mass- MyRWA Policy Committee member



Belmont Advisory Committee Final report adopted

MARCH 01 Report available


Request for Determination- June 2000

From BSC group

WPA-DEP Form 1 filed (no work proposed at time)


Bordering vegetated Wetland Delineation Methodology 1999

Flora study


FEMA Flood Maps



Vicinity Map



Storm Water Management Form


Flood Insurance Study


(Flood Data: Wellington Brook and Little River)


Soil Survey Report- Middlesex County


Drainage Summary

Rizzo Associates


Soils Map


Groundwater Rechage Calculations

TSS Removal Rate


Water Quality Treatment Vol Requirements


Flood Stage Frequency Analysis for Little River


Two Flood profile maps of Little River in development vicinity


Belmont Con. Commission Meeting Minutes july 02


Winn Brook Neighborhood Petition

Jan. 03  stating disapproval


Northern FloodPlain Forest- article in Fieldguide to Wildlife habitats in Easter United States

Janine Banyus



Boston Basin Eco region location- EOEA publication 02

Protected and unprotected land


Site Plan of Alewife Reservation and Surrounding Area

(Packet by Save our Forest-Friends of Alewife Reservation)

packet includes forest area – aerial map and simulated building


Frontage Rd. Office Center

Environmental Notification Form

Epsilon Associates Inc.


Wetland Flag Location in Belmont, MA.

BSC Group


Alewife Neighbors article

Alewife Development Heats Up


Design, size of 100 yr. Flood plain comensatory Storage areas


Letter to Cambridge City Council Hearing:



Available letters to City Council Environmental Hearing:

Silver Maple Forest at Belmont Uplands- Peter Alden

Cambridge Conservation Commission letter to Hearing

Sewer Connection by O'Neill Project in Belmont- Michael Nakagawa


Environmental Notification Form Responses:

 Information includes many aspects of Upland and building impacts not included in

Office Park plans

Roger Wrubel - Mass Audubon Society- ENF response to Upland development

Kathleen Bolen- Belmont -ENF responses by individuals: - bordering area

Mike Nakagawa – Cambridge- Alewife Study-ENF response from - new wetland protection issues

Metropolitan Area Planning Council- Boston

Mass Highway- traffic problems

Glen Koenig- Arlington-open space needs

James Graves- Belmont –natural resources protection, traffic and flooding

DEP: Required sewer use and permitting

City of Cambridge: traffic, sewer, stormwater, and other requirements

Timothy Toomey-Cambridge City Council Order on Uplands

Elsie Fiore-Arlington-health, safety, traffic

Gillian Aguilar-Belmont-traffic

Karl Pastore-EOEA

Ralph Chang-Arlington-Rare habitat and open space

David Stoff- Arlington-impact of wastewater (water quality) downstream

 Town of Belmont- Timothy Higgens

Arlington Conservation Commission- Nathaniel Stevens- Need for MDC master plan assessment and flood storage capacity

Mary White- Cambridge- Cambridge requirement for Regional Planning, Requirement for Cambridge 200 riverfront buffer

Wetland Enhancement program, comprehensive wildlife assessment,

Russ Cohen-Riverways Program- traffic and alternative development area

Carolyn Mieth- need for traffic study

Amy Singler- Adopt a Stream (DFWELE) - "Net benefit to area questioned"

Ralph Yoder-Cambridge- endangered species present

Kitty Beer- Cambridge-Society of Enviornmental Journalists- destruction of forest questioned

Ed Koeing-Arlington-highly valuable ecosystem, unable to support car traffic

Roger Frymire-Cambridge- Mystic Monitoring Net (Qualified water quality tester with Belmont sewer system adequacy, Little River Alewife Brook: Impaired waterways officially for pathogens Highly contaminated storm drains at Little Pond, Sewage unabated in Little Pond, High fecal coliform counts from Spy Pond to Little Pond,  Specific outfalls sited. Certified lab reports and approved QAPP. Sewer pipes in Belmont in disrepair. Test results available on website.

Eugene Benson-Arlington- Traffic, flora, fauna, storm water runoff

Sue Bass- Belmont Citizen Forum- Traffic mitigation

Diane Mahon- Arlington Board of Selectmen- Requirement of demonstration of flood control

Grace Perez- Mystic River Watershed Association- Cumulative impact, wastewater capacity, regional additional flow consultation, wildlife corridors, detailed storm water management plan

Ellen Mass- Friends of Alewife Reservation- professional wildlife inventories not included, flooding and stormwater impact, regional planning

Eric Johnson- Mass Historical Commission-High indication of archeological resources, undiscovered