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Proposed destruction of the silver maple forest
in the Alewife area
letter from a Lesley University student

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in regard to the proposed destruction of the silver maple forest in the Alewife area. To be even considering altering such a unique and pristine place is a shame. They need to reconsider redeveloping rather than developing on this forest, especially because it is the only of it's kind in the area.

We would undeniably be putting wildlife at risk and endangering the habitats of these species. This would affect not just wildlife but also our chance to enrich ourselves with the experience of being able to see wildlife in such a natural setting. Apart from the fact that we would be losing a historical and educational area, we also need to consider the environmental hazards we would be inviting if we consider and go ahead with the proposed project. Almost surely we will have to succumb to issues such as flooding, global warming, heat, and traffic pollution.

Last but not least, we would be depriving ourselves and our future generations of this beautiful historic silver maple forest. It would be a shame to destroy and build upon this area, whereas governors across the country are encouraging building in sites that have already been developed and are commercially populated.


Sarah Qadir