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In support of protection for the silver maple forest
letter to Henrietta Davis, Chairperson, Health and Environment Committee

Health and Environment Committee
795 Mass. Ave.
Cambridge, MA. 02139

From Cornerstone Co-Housing
Harvey Street
Cambridge, MA. 02140

Dear Ms. Davis,

We are writing in support of protection for the silver maple forest located in Belmont, along Route 2 adjacent to the Alewife Reservation in Cambridge, We are asking for your support in reassessing the need to preserve this vital green forest from development. There must be better suited sites that can be redeveloped rather than to develop on pristine old-growth forest land.

A recent unanimous Council order requested that the forest be preserved and flooding be considered by City manager's office. Order 24, dated 7/29/02, "Ordered: that the City manager be and hereby is requested to confer with the Conservation Commission and the appropriate Belmont offices to request that all efforts be made to preserve the forest and protect Cambridge from the floodwaters that removal of the forest would bring to North Cambridge and be it further ordered: That the City manager be and hereby is requested to report back to the City Council on this matter."

Green space in an urban area is a treasure to the neighboring residents, in that it provides floodwater retention and detention, controlling storm damage. It purified stormwater laden with silt and pollutants. It provides habitat for a wide variety of birds and animals, and fish. It helps to control temperature and light impacts as well as adding beauty.

We ask you to consider these benefits and the thought of deprivation for future generations.

Mary White and Michael Arnott
Suzanna Schell
Jane Eisenstark
Sylvia Willson
Lisa Fox
Betsy Germanotta & Dante Germanotta
Walter D. Locke
Lisa Maisels
Lynne Molnar
Anish Goyal
Ken Thomson
Shirley Schell
Elizabeth Locke
Bob Leigh
Janet Childs
Jesse Gordon
Hari Arisetty