Register / Create an Account

To post articles or to comment on posts, you have to register and create an account for this blog. The Register link is in the left column toward the bottom, under “META”. (So is the Login link that you will need after you have created and activated you account.)

The Register page asks you to enter your email address twice. This is will be your  account login name. It asks your first and last name (optional) and it asks you to pick a password and enter it twice. The password must be 6 characters and the strength meter below will tell you how difficult the password will probably be to guess to break into your account. The only requirement for the password is that it be 6 characters long.

When you click the Register button at the bottom, it will send you an email with a link to verify your email address. If you don’t receive you password within 15 minutes, check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder, write to .

Click the verification link (or copy and paste it into your browser) to activate your account. Then return to the web site and login. When you login, it will show your Dashboard. At the top will be a notice:

Notice: You’re using the auto-generated password for your account. Would you like to change it to something easier to remember?

Yes, take me to my profile page | No thanks, do not remind me again

This notice is wrong, so click “No thanks, do not remind me again.”

See the Site when Logged In

Once you are logged in: At the top left of the screen, click “FAR Wildlife Message Board.” It will show you the posts, latest first.

Write a Post

At the top of the window, click New and then Post.

On the Add New Post page, enter a descriptive title and type your post.

To enter a picture:

  • Click the Add Media button. It will open the Insert Media page to the Upload Files tab.
  • Click Select Files.
  • Select a file and Open (or just double-click) to upload it to the Media Library.
  • The Insert Media page now selects the Media Library tab and your picture (outline with a check mark.) In the lower right of the page, click “Insert into post.” It will return you to yur post with the picture inserted.
  • When you finish writing your post, publish your post so that other people can see it by clicking Publish on the right side of the page. (Note: If you decide to edit one of your posts, this button will be named Update instead of Publish.)

Delete a Post

  • Edit the post.
  • Click Edit at the top of the post.
  • On the right side of the page, click Move to Trash.


Just below the title of the post is either “Leave a comment” or the number of comments on the post.

Each post’s comments may be listed below it, with a form to reply to the post. If a post says it has comments but they do not appear below the post’s text, click on the title of the post. This will take you to a page that has the post, its comments, and a form for entering your own if you want.

You can reply to someone else’s comment by clicking the Reply link below the comment.

More Documentation

In the far upper left of the window, click on the WordPress synbol (a W inside a circle.) Select Documentation to get more information.