Insects at Alewife Reservation

I was at Alewife on Wednesday 10/19 and I was walking through the meadow at the end of the storm water wetlands and found a ton of different bugs.  It was a fairly warm and sunny day so there were a lot of different bugs out like Sweat Bees, Bold Faced Hornets, Honey Bees, Carpenter Bees, Bumble Bees,  a few different Stink Bugs, Field Crickets, Red-Legged Grasshoppers, Black Corsair bug, Meadow Hawk Dragonfly, Familiar Bluets, a unknown Ichneumon Wasp, a Sulfur Butterfly, Cabbage Whites, an American Copper butterfly, and even a Monarch! img_1822 img_1798 img_1743 img_1719