Dead Catfish

On August first I found these catfish dead in the fore bay of the storm water wetlands. The catfish were the only thing that were dead, painted turtles, sunfish and green frogs were still living in the fore bay and seemed fine. There were about 15 dead fish, they looked skinny and some had weird lumps on them that looked like tumors. If anyone knows what caused them to die please comment.

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_MG_3233 _MG_3239 _MG_3243 _MG_3451

One thought on “Dead Catfish”

  1. I don’t know much about fish problems but that’s a lot of dead fish in that small area…..probably can’t help now, but maybe they are willing to look at photos…..government dept. of fish and wildlife(mass)….. it could be potential problem for fish eating birds if it’s contagious….. like the rodenticide problem…… I had seen catfish in there several summers…… very sad…

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