Dave Brown walk 8/2 and Sun 8/3 counts

Despite the intermittent rain showers and very wet foliage, Dave led an informative nature and history walk on the North Trail. He is a professional tracker, a wildlife assessor and has completed wilderness survival training in the Sierra Nevada mountains. He was filled with information about the animals of the reservation, plants, and the history of the area. We got to eat for free owing to the abundance of ripening blackberries throughout the reservation. We saw many deer tracks, found a toad, and lamented that the rain made the birdlife and butterflies scarce. But the information and knowledge more than made up for the dearth of creatures. The walk will be repeated in three weeks.

Sunday brought more sunshine and the birds as well as one species of butterflies were out. There was a major migration in of Cedar Waxwings (21) and Blue Gray Gnatcatchers (9). Seven immature Baltimore Orioles were seen. On the Alewife Greenway, 21 broad wing skippers (butterflies) were nectaring on the loosestrife in the sun. Other birds seen:
Crow 2
Chimney Swift 4
Great Blue Heron 1
Black Crown Night Heron 1
Song Sparrow 4
Robin 12
Starling 17 (flocking up already)
Blue Jay 3
Mockingbird 5
Catbird 12
Canada Geese 9
Killdeer 3
Downey Woodpecker 1
Mourning Dove 4
Red Wing Blackbird 4
Yellow Warbler 2