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Where have all the fledges Gone- Someone is watching!!

To Kathy
As best I recall, I always park in the designated lot, the first one noted was at the bridge over the Little River after coming out of the Greenway path, then the second was at the pond by Rte 2, then walking down to the new sections one flew over, then the one sitting by the bridge I photographed,  then as I approached the path that dead ends  at an overlook two flew over coming from the Blair Pond direction- that’s six for sure,  I then probably encountered  some of the same ones on return trip to car.  I did not make any attempt to age the birds.


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Hi Bob….

Saw your ebird report from last week at Alewife Reservation…..interested particularly in the 7 GBHerons….  following up on the nestings at Jerry’s this year and the  fledges….  Would you mind sharing where you saw the GBH’s and if any appeared to be fledges?….  Thanks, Kathy Johnson  Far Monitor


Celebration Event at Alewife: Jerry’s Pond

Kronkernestglennamay 2018

FOUR chicks in one nest. Fence keeps them safe and protected. 5/24

Kathy Johnson photo

Driving in by the Jerry’s Pond bus stop and looking northwest by the fence (at water hole), I saw both nests full of chicks straight across the water. It seemed they were standing on a tightrope. So wiry little things and quite agile.

You have to come from the COncord Av. direction, so you can turn right on RIndge Av. and then very soon left into the large bus stop area just AFTER the Pond. Go to the end by a pool of water outside the Pond and look through the fence, there are no obstructing branches. Unreal how much action with them.

Spring Arrives at Alewife

20180428_131757 IMG_2862Helping nature

Boston Rescue League helps mallard on Park Serve Day 4/28. Turned out female was alright.
Concerned with death of swan at Yates Pond. Thanks to DCR for picking up carcass. We do not know reason for death but sign is needed as cars rush into T stop.

Wildlife Walk April 8th

The Alewife Reservation always has so much to offer. We walked from the stormwater wetlands over to blair pond. On this month’s walk we saw many of the spring birds migrating, including flycatchers, various sparrows, gold finches, and some lesser scaup. This was the first time that I have seen lesser scaup in the reservation. We also saw some of the migrating birds of prey like cooper’s hawk. The highlights of the walk were an osprey and a juvenile bald eagle flying over the stormwater wetlands.

IMG_2183 IMG_2167 IMG_2174

Deer At Alewife Blair Meadow

First Signs of Spring Way back deer eat new sumac shoots. 2/28
First Signs of Spring
Way back deer eat new sumac shoots. 2/28. Blair meadow at Cambridge quadrangle is mowed for Spring growth. Wetland and dry meadow plants are beginning to show. Biochar for permaculture plots is producing rich microbial soils for early April research experiments. Call 617 290-4864 for more information.