Birding at Alewife-from e-birds

List of winter birds at Alewife Reservation by Cliff Cook


photo: Jake Osborne (cedar waxwing)
Birding at Alewife – December 20

Birder Cliff Cook observed 28 different species of birds on a recent walk at Alewife Reservation, including a cedar waxwing like in the picture to the left, and reported his findings using the eBird smartphone app. Data collected by ordinary citizens can be valuable for conservation, restoration and monitoring projects, especially when government agencies lack the funds or political leaders lack the will to do the work.

Participation is fun and easy! You can see Cliff’s entire list of birds, and learn about the eBird platform, here .

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  1. Cliff, you and Jake Stout have made my day by showing Alewife Reservation is one of the richest bird sighting places in our region. Thanks for sharing this. Please continue to notify for other birders to note and for non-birders to appreciate.

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