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Baby Black Crowned Night Heron

The black crowned night heron have been scarce this year in this area… but at least 2 were born at Alewife Reservation….here is a young baby just out of a nest…. and what s/he will look like as an adult….the BCNH come north to breed and will leave in mid fall…they have used this same nest for several years….bcnhbabe-fledgeyatesjuly2017


Seen a fledging great blue heron?

three young herons ready to leave the nest!....
three young herons ready to leave the nest!….
Two resident herons, mated pair for several seasons, this year brought 3 handsome fledges to the world!… Although they did not nest on the Reservation (herons usually nest in groups), they have returned and fledges were with them. As they learn to fly and hunt, you may see them around…. Look for a full size great blue with a totally blue crown….the white won’t come until nearly a year old…They will mature into adulthood in abut 2 years… Congratulations!…..welcome to the world!

Oil at wetlands discharge



Unfortunately we have seen repeating areas of oil or oily water at the river side of the discharge from the wetlands. These were taken about 3 weeks ago. If you see this kind of material, please let us know. It could be very toxic and needs to be tested!… Thanks…

Black-crowned Night heron arrives…

I am a feeling a bit odd without photos but in the midst of reconstructing my imaging program so can’t show new photos yet… hopefully next week at the latest…

But our new arrival is noteworthy… we found a Black-crowned Night heron near Alewife and Little River confluence a couple of days ago…This is about the time these small but striking heron migrate north and usually mate.

They are shy creatures and  stay hidden a lot but I did get a photo of his face and black cap (and red eyes) which I will post when possible.

Another sign of spring!…


unidentifiedbirdyates8-22-14kronkerposeSeems to be a few herons around lately…..or a couple that move a lot… hard to tell them apart?…. Mostly we see the Great Blue Heron…. here’s a pic of a 3 or so year resident….he’s an adult now….. and I was really lucky to get this pic of a Green heron….much smaller but very smart …..

Here’s some geese!….

geeseinlittleriver8-4-14On damp Saturday I saw about 8 Canada Geese on the north side (Acorn Park) eating the grass they love…. Today there were 3…. we had some conversation while they continued to feast in the meadow…. on our way back to the wetlands, we saw a about 11 more swimming in the Little River!…. Let’s hope they hang around…. welcome them!!….


heronwetlands84-14I’ve been seeing Great Blues in the wetlands in the last few weeks…  No geese, not many ducks….. but herons… several…  wondered what they were hungry for…. there’s the frogs ( hide Banjo!)….and maybe fish??….  Today we caught a glimpse of what looked just like a newly fledged Great Blue… a mini-   with a little fish…. that s/he quickly abandoned when we rounded the corner….. in the channel of the Little River…..

I don’t know if any babies have been seen…. seems like it’s been a question if heron breeding happens at the Reservation….. so keep a sharp eye out for the mini heron…. a photo would be great… then we would know there is at least one nest this season…..  it’s just their time to fledge…..   Shortly we ran into a juvenile heron…. probably born last year or the year before…. juveniles have ‘crosses’ on their neck… the beginning of the long fringe breeding feathers that grow in when it’s time for them to mate, about age 2…. there’s a few around AR…..babies don’t have that and may have a spot of white on their crowns…..or even what looks like a crew cut……..