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Sightings 2/13/2017

There were a number of incredible animals out today. Walking though the storm water wet lands I saw a Merlin siting in a tree eating a song sparrow, some blue jays came by and harassed the merlin for a little while then they left and the merlin began to eat. Further down at the oxbow there were a number of Canadian geese, some mallards, an american black duck, and a fairly young blue heron, about a year old. At the exit to little river in the storm water wetlands there were four blue herons (three in picture) all are adults and were siting together. On the other side of the river close to the meadow before the north trail there was a red tailed hawk eating a grey squirrel. Later on I saw a coyote walking along little pond, it was fully grown and looked very healthy. Winter usually means a decrease in wildlife sightings yet today there were many more animals than I expected to see. Defiantly one of the best walks I’ve ever had at Alewife.

IMG_0903 IMG_1317 IMG_1273 IMG_1175 IMG_0951 IMG_1194


Groundhog In a Tree

I was walking at Blair pond on 10/19 and heard some rustling up in a tree. When I looked up I was surprised to find a Groundhog in the tree. It used a tangled mess of bittersweet vines to climb up and eat some plants that it other wise would have had a hard time getting to. It sat on the vines staring at me for around five minutes before it finally left into the forest. Here’s a picture of it:


Insects at Alewife Reservation

I was at Alewife on Wednesday 10/19 and I was walking through the meadow at the end of the storm water wetlands and found a ton of different bugs.  It was a fairly warm and sunny day so there were a lot of different bugs out like Sweat Bees, Bold Faced Hornets, Honey Bees, Carpenter Bees, Bumble Bees,  a few different Stink Bugs, Field Crickets, Red-Legged Grasshoppers, Black Corsair bug, Meadow Hawk Dragonfly, Familiar Bluets, a unknown Ichneumon Wasp, a Sulfur Butterfly, Cabbage Whites, an American Copper butterfly, and even a Monarch! img_1822 img_1798 img_1743 img_1719

Wildlife Walk 10/8

On the wildlife we saw two White Tailed Deer, Evidence of Raccoons, two Mute Swans, a Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, Blue Jays, various Sparrows, Spotted Cucumber Beetle, Painted Turtles,  Bullfrogs,  and a baby Garter Snake.

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img_0301 img_0330 sparrow

Dead Catfish

On August first I found these catfish dead in the fore bay of the storm water wetlands. The catfish were the only thing that were dead, painted turtles, sunfish and green frogs were still living in the fore bay and seemed fine. There were about 15 dead fish, they looked skinny and some had weird lumps on them that looked like tumors. If anyone knows what caused them to die please comment.

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_MG_3233 _MG_3239 _MG_3243 _MG_3451

Sightings July 9

Today there were a lot of animals out. Near acorn park drive there was a family of White Tailed Deer three fawns and a mother, then later on near Little pond there were two different fawns! There were three blue herons out today one at Yates pond, one at Little pond and one on a mud flat along Little river.  Also there was a Woodchuck munching on some grass in the meadow along acorn park drive.

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Sightings Tuesday March 17

At Yates pond, on the other side, in some reeds a pair of geese have a nest, should be seeing some goslings soon! In the storm water wetlands the water is very low which is good and bad, good because it attracted at killdeer to look in the mud for some bugs to eat, and we can see some paw prints from a muskrat walking back into the water, yet it’s bad because people have begun to walk along the water in the reeds. Fine for the people if you don’t mind getting your shoes muddy, yet it is very bad for the wildlife, because right now duck are looking for a place to nest and I know they don’t want some weird human walking around their nest and scaring their chicks. Hopefully more people will stay on the path and won’t disturb the wildlife. Over at Blair pond some geese also have a nest, and there was a Blue heron catching some sunfish as well.

Wildlife Walk Sightings 5/14/2016

On Saturdays wildlife walk we saw a wide range of different animals that frequent the reservation in the spring, as well as some animals that are pretty hard to find. In the storm water wetlands we first saw A pair of Brown Headed Cowbirds ,from then on we saw a Crayfish in the Fore bay and  tons of Green Frogs thought the wetlands. We also saw a beautiful Green Heron hunting some fish along the edge of some reeds.  We also saw many baby Painted Turtles. From there we moved up the north trail and saw evidence of Coyote, Deer, and even Otter (some clams broken apart). We saw a few Yellow Warblers and also heard a Belted Kingfisher. We also saw a few reptilian residents such as Ribbon Snakes and an American Toad. Walking back down the trail we came upon a baby Common Snapping turtle sitting in the middle of the path, so we marveled at its huge claws and powerful jaws. All and all it was a great walk and a very nice day.